We, TSUBOI REIKI, started a business of the installation work of refrigerators including refrigerating and freezing showcases for the first major convenience store chain in Japan. In order to realize a safe and secure diet, we have been supporting the social infrastructure with Takumi’s skills (master craftsmanship) since then. These skills have been accumulated through cooling and air conditioning equipment and plumbing work in addition to maintenance at major supermarkets and convenience stores. And now we are steering our company in the direction of accomplishing a sustainable society for next generations.

Management Philosophy

“Quality service is the key to customers.”

◆Our four missions◆

1. The achievement of sustainable society through food safety and security.

2. Develop mechanical engineers equipped with skills of TAKUMI (master craftsmanship) to support food safety and security.

3.Providing high-quality services with an integrated system from design and construction to maintenance

4. Expand globally the high welding technology developed over more than half a century.


Half a century history of TSUBOI REIKI


Past successful achivements


TSUBOI REIKI’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
We are actively contributing to it.