Our reliable maintenance service is available 24/7.
Maintenance service

Maintenace services we, TSUBOI REIKI, mainly offer are maintenance / inspection / repair of freezing / refrigerating showcases, freezing / refrigerators, air conditioning equipment, etc.
In order for our customers to minimize the loss of sales opportunities, we provide them with a round-the-clock and seven days a week maintenance support that enables us to respond quickly to equipment malfunctions and failures in addition to regular inspections.
Equipments being used by our customers for many years face difficulties in ordering proper parts for damaged parts. However, we, TSUBOI TRIKI, keep a large stock of various machine parts in our own in-house inventory. This is our business strength.
More importantly, in order to maintain food safety and securty, we try to find damaged parts in advance through our regular inspections and propose repair plans to our customers, which enables them to continue business without serious disruptions. This quick and proper maintenance work minimizes the loss of food and energy inefficiency and contributes to the global environment through properly maintained infrastructures.

Maintenance flow
Service area

TSUBOI REIKI is expanding its service areas mainly in the eastern part of Saitama prefecture and Tokyo, as well as in the other parts of Saitama prefecture and the Kanto area.
As an engineering service provider offering from design to construction and post-construction maintenance, we promptly visit our customers with responding around the clock.
Through regular inspections, we spot any fault signs and fix them before it is too late. Refrigerators, for example, do not work properly if the temperature control system doesn’t function as initially designed.
And we welcom any ad-hoc maintenance service even just for once.

Efforts for SDGs related to maintenance work

The Freon Emission Control Law has been put in force since 2017 in Japan as the preventive measures of global warming. To contribute to that purpose in our maintenance work, we are determined to work on fluorocarbon leak inspection and fluorocarbon recovery work by developing refrigerant fluorocarbon handling engineers.
For old equipment, we propose to our customers the most suitable system to be replaced with. If necessary, we suggest the introduction of the latest model of equipment. This surely works for stopping global warming.
In addition, we handle regular inspections, maintenance and sudden troubles of machines and equipment for smooth operation of supermarkets, convenience stores and distribution centers.