Intern trainees


We offer equal educational opportunities and environments to anyone from anywhere for our future.
Thorough support for overseas technical intern trainees

We, TSUBOI REIKI, actively accept technical intern trainees from Asian countries.
We support technical intern trainees to let them acquire skills in Japan for building and maintaining social infrastructures. After all the training couses have been completed, they will return to their own countries as qualified technical specialists.
To live comfortably and live a stress-free life in the new living environment in Japan, we offer satisfactory working conditions and treatment and give opportunities to regularly experience Japanese culture.

Employment and start-up/entrepreneurship support after returing to own couintry

After returning to their own countries, they are expected to use their expert knowledge and skills acquired in Japan. However, if they have no opportunities of using them, their efforts will be a waste. Therefore, we, TSUBOI REIKI, endeavor to set up a global support system and ensure that they definitely get a job back in their countries.
In collaboration with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), we are determined to globally contribute to the realization of a fair trade world.

Full-time employment opportunities

We (TSUBOI REIKI) endeabor to hire our trainees on a full-time basis after completing their training. Thus, the trainees can continuously make best use of Japanese language they have been aquiring in addition to business skills.



Applicable areas for accepting overseas technical intern trainees in Japan

● Myanmar ● Vietnam ● India
● Indonesia ● Hong Kong, etc.

Employment and start-up/entrepreneurship support after returing to own couintry

We (TSUBOI REIKI) are actively recruiting overseas students who are currently studying in Japan.
As for our activities, we partner with vocational training schools for overseas students. We hold information sessions on our company and jobs to be offered. We also conduct intrviews for applicants if required. To globally expand our business, we want to recruit those who have a global mindset. They study and get training in Japan and are expected to work back in their own countries in the future. They will be important human resources for our business.