President Greeting


President of TSUBOI REIKI.

Taku Tsuboi

The environment surrounding society is rapidly changing.
Business management needs to flexibly act to circumstances from a global perspective.
These days, business speed and efficiency are essential in an era of diversification.
In this business circumstance, we have to quickly respond to our customers by grasping their needs.
We, TSUBOI REIKI, have been implementing an integrated system from construction to maintenance during last 50 years.
We will be making more efforts for further improvements for our customers..



[Basic Information]
Company name: TSUBOI REIKI
Location: 359-5 Sannomiya, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Post Code 343-0036
TEL: 048-973-6688 FAX: 048-979-9911
E-mail :

[Business Details]

  1. Our customers : major supermarkets, convenience stores, distribution centers / work descriptions as follows;- piping and installation of freezing, refrigerating and air conditioning equipment.
  2. Maintenance work such as operation management and repairs for the above-mentioned tasks.
  3. Besides, other tasks related to electrical equipment, piping and welding work

[Executive members]
Chairman of the Board: Hisashi Tsuboi
Director: Akemi Tsuboi
Supervisor: Atsushi Yamamoto
(Tax accountant corporation Yamamoto tax accountant office)

Founded in : August 1972 (Showa 47)
Established in : April 1981 (1981)
Fund: 10 million yen



[Construction permit]
Pipework business: General 29 No. 36420
Electrician business: General Ichi 29 No. 36420
[First-class fluorocarbon filling and recovery company]
Saitama Prefecture: 12220002
Tokyo: 13101300
Chiba Prefecture: 12A110837
Ibaraki Prefecture: No. 10216
Kanagawa Prefecture: No. 1-1942
Gunma Prefecture: 100397
Tochigi Prefecture: No. 1-2037