Overseas expansion


A vision being full of dreams for the future of us and the earth
TSUBOI REIKI’s oversease expansion and its prospects for the future

One of our objectives set by us, TSUBOI REIKI, is to provide our trainees from Asian countries with an environment where these people can make the best use of their experience, skills, knowledge acquired during the training in Japan on their return to their countries.
With that goal, we closely work with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and have joined the National Association for Support for Coexistence with Foreign Human Resources (NAGOMi) in 2021. We have started business cooperation with BKG Back Core Group in Vietnam since September 2022. Furthermore, we revisited Myanmar in September 2023 to strengthen relationships with our business partners who send intern trainees to Japan. We are trying to take steps toward utilizing the Internet for providing such as technical training, safety training, environmental education, the latest information exchange and consultation on concerns and issues. Through these efforts, we would like to work with our overseas partners for doing business by using TSUBOI’s technology.

Knowledge of international trends

To expand our business to overseas markets in the South East Asia, it is important to know each market’s economic situations, current status of infrastructure, etc. through our eyes and ears.
As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” This suggests the importance of actually visiting our business partners. In another word, we should know the markets on our own. For that purpose, we need to regularly visit each market and keep contacts with affiliated organizations. Thus, we can keep obtaining the latest economic information and current state of educational systems from local people. As a member of the Asian countries, we always keep it in mind that what our counterparts actually want us to do. With that in mind, we are pursuing our business goals.

Pursuing the borderless network of Takumi (master craftsmanship)

■Conducting on-line technical and safety trainings (local language interpreters to be used)
■Information exchanged and updated (exchange of latest equipment, safety, environment technology, general information)
■Dispatching specialists (technical matters, business start-up, professional advices of company management)
■On-lihe consultations on local problems
(Solving local problems and giving advices, supervising while watching videos (on-line supervision)

Current situation on network building

■Offering education to overseas technical intern trainees focussing on the futue
■Realization of a global society in which we can actively work for sustainable growth of Asian countries and Japan