We, TSUBOI REIKI, have most confidence in welding among our technologies.
Naturally, welding requires accuracy and assuredness. At the same time, we are constantly paying attention to staff’s health conditions while improving work efficiency.
With this in mind, we conduct not only on-sight trainings but also regular in-house training courses designed by ourselves. For eample, we prepare training contents for assuming that we will work in phisically narrow places by using most practical methods.

Why do we stick to high quality welding technology?

A low quality welding causes various problems. To avoid welding defects, it is important to check whether welding has properly been carried out.
Firstly, we need to check if the width and height of base metal have remained unchanged even when heated, secondly, check if there are neither cracks nor holes in them, thirdly, if completed welding shows no distortion and is completed in accordance with original designs.
Pipes properly welded prevent the loss of energy and send the refrigerant to the showcase with no waste. Welding not properly done causes energy inefficiency and wastful electricity consumption. Moreover, this may result in mulfunctions
These problems result in sales loss and food waste for supermarkets and convenience stores.
Moreover, our customers may need to pay for repairs and lose social credibility and reputation of their food brands.
To remove these potential risks, we, TSUBOI REIKI, focus on high quality welding for safe and secure eating habits.

Comparison of welding skill levels of a staff with a two-year experience and a master with a twenty-year or more experience