Privacy policy


[Privacy policy]

TSUBOI REIKI (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will comply with internal rules that stipulate the collection, use and provision of appropriate personal information in consideration of the content and scale of the business.
We will take preventive measures against unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and take prompt corrective measures in the unlikely event that it occurs.
In addition, we will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information and other norms, and continuously improve the personal information management system.

[Purpose of use]

We specify the purpose of use as much as possible, and the scope of the following purposes of use is as follows, except when the consent of the person is obtained in advance, and when it is permitted to handle as an exception by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations. We will use personal information within.

1 To provide and operate our services
2 To answer inquiries (including verification of identity)
3 For maintenance, important notices, etc. for contact as needed
4 To identify users who violate the terms of use or who intend to use the service for fraudulent or unreasonable purposes, and refuse to use the service.
5 To send emails about updates, campaigns, etc. and other services provided by our company.
6 Purposes incidental to the above purposes of use

When it becomes necessary to use personal information for purposes other than the above, if the consent of the person is obtained in advance, or if it is permitted to handle as an exception by the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” or other laws and regulations. Except for this, we will ask for your consent to use it.

In addition, we may outsource a part of each business to a contractor and entrust personal information to the contractor to the extent necessary. In this case, we will carry out appropriate management in accordance with laws and regulations and the standards established by our company.

[Providing to third parties]

We will not provide or disclose the collected personal information to any third party except in the following cases.

・ With the consent of the person

・ When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

・ When disclosure / provision is requested based on other laws and regulations

[Disclosure, correction and discontinuation of registered information]

We will disclose personal information to the person at the request of the person as long as it does not interfere with the proper performance of the business. In that case, we will verify your identity by the method prescribed by our company.
If the personal information disclosed to the person is incorrect, we will correct it immediately. In addition, if the person requests to suspend the use of personal information, the use will be immediately suspended.

[About security of sites, etc.]

We take great care in managing personal information, but due to the nature of the Internet and e-mail, we cannot fully guarantee the confidentiality of personal information. Please use the website and e-mail with this in mind.

[Handling of personal information for each product and service]

We use personal information such as the purpose of use of personal information, provision to third parties, security and contact information for each product or service in sites related to each product or service, e-mail or other information. There are cases where the handling of is individually determined. In that case, if there are any rules or special rules that differ from “Handling of personal information”, the matters related to the handling of personal information set for each product, service, etc. will be applied with priority.

【[About revision]

“Handling of personal information” is subject to change without notice due to revisions to related laws and regulations and changes in our policy.

[Contact for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information]

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following.

TEL : 048-973-6688
E-mail :