TSUBOI REIKI’s SDGs Initiatives
Our determination to pursue the SDGs

We have selected several tasks in our company for building a sustainable society. We believe that some of our tasks are related to the SDGs. To realize the SDGs, we will be facing not only solutions but also various issues/problems by attentively doing our day-to-say tasks with standing in a wide field of view.
We will start with easy and achievable goals. Small things may add up to make a big difference. Eventually, we will contribute to solving various social issues related to the SDGs for next generations.

The future of the earth for next generations

In realizing a sustainable society, we, TSUBOI REIKI, have kept paying attention to constantly eliminate any waste. Specifically, waste is born in the work process from daily routine jobs to welding work related to construction and on-site work such as installation and construction.
As far as mainenance work is concerned, we make efforts to extend the life of freezing and refrigerating machines and prevent excessive energy loss and food waste for a sustainable society.
For the sound global environment in the future, further issues we need to address are as follows;- 1. Use of materials to reduce damages to the environment. 2. Recycling of materials and packaging materials. 3. Dust measures to protect the health of workers. 4. Reduced consumption of welding materials, reduced energy use, minimized damage to environment by using enhanced technologies.

Realization of a global society where we can play an active role together

1. No poverty
3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure
10.Reduced inequalities

We have been hiring Myanmar people since 2019 as technical intern trainees through the foreign intern training system. We train and educate them to gain skills, intelligence and knowledge and to contribute to the economic developmet and human resorce development of their own country.
Our trainees are working hard every day and learning Japanese culture and language at the same time.
In 2021, we joined the National Association for Supporting the Coexistence of Foreign Human Resources (NAGOMi).
This is intended to realize the human resorces symbiotic society linking Asian countries and Japan.
We will continuously make sincere efforts to internationally contribute to the human resource development.

Realizing an equal and rewarding working environment
  1. 5. Gender equality
  2. 8. Decent work and economic growth

We positively implement gender equality in staff employment. Maternity leave, child care leave and elderly care leave are important factors in family’s welfare. Especially, we will need to pay more attention to elderly care in our aging society. In this situation, it is necessary to balance a career and a family.
And without being self-complacent, we are always prepared to improve welfare benefit packages to more suitable ones for the times.
We also hold regular training sessions of knowledge and skills for junior staff. The purpose of these trainings is to give motivation toward work for newly employed staff.

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and distribution centers need our support for guaranteed business operations.
  • 11. Sustainable cities and communities
  • 12. Responsible consumption, production
  • 13. Climate action
  • 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

The Freon Emission Control Law has been put in force since 2017 in Japan as the preventive measures of globalwarming. To contribute to that purpose, we will actively work on fluorocarbon leak inspection and fluorocarbon recovery work, and acquire qualification as a refrigerant fluorocarbon handling engineer.
For old equipment, we propose to our customers the most suitable system by introducing the latest model of equipment. This surely works for stopping global warming.
In addition, we handle regular inspections, maintenance and sudden troubles of machines and equipment for smooth operation of supermarkets, convenience stores, and distribution centers.

Borderless partnership that connecting people and companies
  • 17. Partnerships for the goals

There is a limit in what just one company like us can do for the SDGs. We have to cooperate not only with the same industry but also with different industries. To that purpose, we often do the exchange of information. This is the only way to achieve a sustainable society. By working in close cooperation, we can move toward the common goal.